Packaging Machinery

West-link has 40 years of experience and a team of world class manufacturers to sell you a single machine or a turnkey system. Let our experience and team of experts do the ground work for you to help your purchasing decision become a good experience. While you run your plant and do your day to day activities we will be in the back ground doing what we do best…

Primary Packaging Machines
Dry Product Packaging

  • Combination & Linear Scale Fillers
  • Vertical Baggers
  • Horizontal Baggers/Pouch Machines
  • Horizontal Flow Wrappers
  • Conveyors
  • Robotic Packaging / Pick and Place
Wet Product Packaging

  • Bottle Unscramblers & Bulk Depaletizer
  • Liquid Fillers, Cappers & Labelers
  • Rotary Cup Fillers
  • Shrink Sleeve Applicators
  • Case Packers


Secondary Packaging Machines
  • Case Erectors
  • Bag Inserters
  • Partition Inserters
  • Case Loaders
  • Case Tapers
  • Print and Apply Labelers/ Case printers
  • Case & Bag Palletizers
  • Robotic Palletizers
  • Stretch Wrappers
  • Custom Automated Packaging systems